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On Tour 2024

And I'll Blow Your House Down

Disability in society: fairytale or pigging nightmare?

It seems the Big Bad Wolf’s blown your house down: with two life-changing diagnoses, your family life is in ruins. It’s now an absurd mess of endless appointments, health and safety nonsense, and offers of help that don’t help.


But as you struggle to rebuild it all, you start to wonder, who or what is the Biggest Baddest Wolf? Is it your sons’ condition, or is it the institutions and systems that society constructs around them?

Thu 27th June: 18:30

Fri 28th June: 15:30 

Sat 29th June: 17:15

Barnstaple, Devon


Sat 8th June: 20:00

Doors open at 18:30 for Tea, Coffee & Chat

Cholsey Great Hall,
Wallingford OX10 9GW

Thu 11 July: 19:45

Fri 12 July: 18:15

Sat 13 July: 19:45

TWF transparentlogo (1).png

The Rotunda Theatres, Langton Green Hub, Holland's Farm England TN3 9SS 

Wed 21st Aug: 19:15

Thurs 22nd Aug: 19:15

Fri 23rd Aug: 19:15

Sat 24th Aug: 19:15

Camden People's Theatre
58-60 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2PYT

Thu 16th May: 19:45
Fri 17th May: 18:15
Sat 18th May: 18:15
Thu 30th May: 19:45
Fri 31st May: 19:45
Sat 1st June: 18:15

Fri 17th May: 15:15
Fri 31st May: 16:45

The Rotunda Theatres Regency Square, Brighton BN1 2FG

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