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“...well that story was told to me by the wise old woman, I’ve told it to you, and now you can go and tell it to somebody else!”

For children in primary schools, I concentrate on their skills of speaking and listening (or oracy). I share a mixture of true-life and traditional tales with them, and then help them retell and adapt these stories, as well as making up their own.

“Georgie’s story telling sessions at our school have been great. I`ve seen her work with several year groups now in both KS1 and KS2. She chooses such wonderfully imaginative stories, and what`s lovely is that she gives so much space for the children`s own creativity and input. They loved having their ideas woven into the stories, it gave what they were doing together another dimension, another level of interest. It was just lovely!!” 

Rachel Fox, Teaching Assistant, Stonesfield Primary School.

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