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“One minute you’re listening to the doctor going on about blood test results, while you’re wondering what those cracks in the ceiling are. The next thing you know, everything’s caving in.”

I’m the mum of two sons who both have a degenerative disability. In the years since their diagnosis, my family and I have been living a difficult but illuminating life.


I’ve learned - through studying with storyteller Roi Gal-Or - that working on and sharing stories about your own difficult experiences can help you to process what’s happened to you, as well as being valuable for other people to hear. 

So I’ve created a biographical storytelling performance, ‘Pig v. Wolf’, about my experiences with my family. It’s the dark and absurd story of how we tried to reconstruct our lives after the big bad wolf blew the house down. 

These were some of the responses to trial sessions of this work:

“Animated, open and honest” - Oriane Niechoj

“A different voice: insightful perspectives, positive and unexpected, a great tool to process life’s experience” - Beccy Davies

“Stimulated a depth of discussion I haven’t seen in other contexts” - Kathy Wedell

Performances of ‘Pig v. Wolf’ will be paired with facilitating my project ‘Wolf Be Gone: arts workshops for carers’

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