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At Brighton Fringe

“A story, a story! Let it come, let it come.”

I’m a storyteller and theatre maker.

I use my training in corporeal mime to tell stories that are vivid and physical.

Brighton Fringe

“One minute you’re listening to the doctor going on about blood test results, while you’re wondering what those cracks in the ceiling are. The next thing you know, everything’s caving in.”

The Big Bad Wolf has blown your house down. Now how's a pig like you going to start again?

In 2009, my two sons were diagnosed with a terrible life-limiting, muscle-wasting disease. So there I was, sitting in the rubble, wondering how to set about building a new life for us.

In 'And I'll blow your house down', I set my own real life story on a collision course with a traditional folktale. Alternating real life vignettes with a robust and ridiculous telling of 'The Three Little Pigs', I'm asking:

How do I build a house(/life) that the Big Bad Wolf can't blow down?

What about windows and doors, do I dare open up to the world outside?

Can some old folktale have anything to say about real life?

Here are some audience responses:

Primary Schools

“...well that story was told to me by the wise old woman, I’ve told it to you, and now you can go and tell it to somebody else!”

Rachel Fox
Stonesfield Primary School.

For children in primary schools, I concentrate on their skills of speaking and listening (or oracy). I share a mixture of true-life and traditional tales with them, and then help them retell and adapt these stories, as well as making up their own.

“Georgie’s story telling sessions at our school have been great. I`ve seen her work with several year groups now in both KS1 and KS2. She chooses such wonderfully imaginative stories, and what`s lovely is that she gives so much space for the children`s own creativity and input. They loved having their ideas woven into the stories, it gave what they were doing together another dimension, another level of interest. It was just lovely!!” 




"Your instinct for playful moments is spot on"

Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

My two sons both have a degenerative disability - our family life is difficult but illuminating.

I've learned- through studying with storyteller Roi Gal-Or - that working on and sharing stories about your own difficult experiences can help you to process what's happened to you, as well as being valuable for other people to hear.

My short biographical story videos have been shared at regional health board meetings across wales, and I'm now working with NHS England on an accompanying workshop.

In October 2021 I was commissioned by Arts At The Old Fire Station, Oxford, to facilitate and produce ‘Lockdown Cinderella’, a series of biographical storytelling workshops with a group of carers in my local community.


In these workshops, we shared our stories of lockdown, and experimented with turning them into hero stories. You can watch our stories here:

Lockdown Cinderella


Early years

“Let’s open the door and see what’s inside..”

For children in early years and preschool settings, I tell traditional tales from around the world, using unique props that I’ve made. The children are actively involved throughout the telling, using their bodies and voices to help me recreate the story. 

Sarah Taylor and Deb Handsford, Llangynidr Preschool, Powys 

“The children (and adults!) absolutely loved it. Georgie was animated and had them all entranced from the moment she walked into the setting. We cannot wait for her to visit again!” 

Lizzie Wharton, head of Stonesfield Pre-School, Oxfordshire

“Georgie’s storytelling sessions are unique and imaginative, she brings a story to life for the children with wonderful creative props, the sessions are great fun and the children are actively engaged with Georgie from beginning to end.”


I make story videos and give online storytelling workshops, using my physical and visual communication skills to reach across the virtual gap.

On my YouTube channel you can see some of the story videos I’ve made so far. Follow these links:


“The travelling fiddler longed for a new pair of boots to keep his feet warm. And trudging along the road one icy evening, what do you think he saw sticking out of a pile of snow?”

I enjoy finding or making a story for a special occasion, for children or for adults, silly or spooky or sombre, or a bit of all three.

The Barton Family, Oxford

“We all enjoyed the scary story we had requested around the fireplace. Our imaginations were completely engaged as Georgie brought the grisly tale to life.”


Contact me

Please get in touch if you're interested in working with me, or you'd like to get involved another way:

If you would like to support my work, please contribute via Paypal to help meet costs of productions and workshops.

Thank You!

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