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“You can make your own version of this story at home. If you haven’t got a toy rabbit, then a monkey or a frog or a bear can be the hero!”

I make story videos and give online storytelling workshops, using my physical and visual communication skills to reach across the virtual gap.

On my YouTube channel you can see some of the story videos I’ve made so far. Follow these links:

Online workshops sessions can be tailored to all age groups from 6 up. For example, I’ve worked with a group of ten year old children remotely to help them to turn their own true-life tales into ‘hero’ stories with dragons, treasure and palaces.

“What I feel is that (the story you tell) can be watched, and enjoyed by children and adults - there is such a wonderful moral to it. I was totally spellbound - both by the story and the way you delivered it.” 

Lisa Williams, online audience member

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